3,5 km Swim

To swim are 3.5* km in the river Elbe. Abbreviations will result in disqualification.

*Swimming course: The swimming course at the Dresden City Triathlon is the same as the swimming course at the "Elb-Schwimmen". You have to swim 3.5km in the river elb downstream. That is equivalent to 1.8km without river flow.

Swimming course

40 km Bike

There are 6 rounds about 6,6km.


Bike course


General Information Cycling: 
The routes are closed to the public private transport. Drafting is not allowed! There will be competition judges who will control it.

Punishment by penalty   
* 4 minutes at the DresdenOlympic!  

The security personnel (police and marshals) is to be strictly followed. In cycling helmet is compulsory!



10 km Run

You have to run a total of 10km.

The first round of the track (2,5 km) starts at the transition area to the turn around point at the Carolabrücke followed by a second one (2,5km) and continues with two more rounds.


Running course