veröffentlicht am 21. April 2016

New transition zone at the Bike24 Dresden City Triathlon on June 26, 2016

We are happy to tell you that after our successful discussions with the management at the SV Johannstadt 90 e.V, we have a new transition zone!

This will not be like last year about 200 meters east of the Albert Bridge, but can be found in the fenced-in grounds of the SV Johannstadt 90 e.V! This way we can set up the transition zone on Friday and open it for checking in. The distribution of starting materials will probably also be held there. A real advantage for the participants is the presence of the showers and toilets, which will be available for use.

In addition, we hope to put on a middle distance for the first time at the Bike24 Dresden City Triathlon! That will bring us closer to our goal of firmly establishing and enlarging this event in Dresden!