veröffentlicht am 31. July 2015

A look back at the Dresden City Triathlon on 26.07.2015

We did it! The premiere of the Dresden City Triathlon was a success with the participants as well as the fans and the press. We are happy with all the positive feedback and want to continue to develop and perfect the Dresden City Triathlon next year.

Of course it would not have been possible without the hard-working and dedicated helpers at the scene. We would like to once again very heartily thank all of you and all the sponsors!

The results:

Dresden Olympic Men:

1. Place: Christian Otto (TV Dresden) - 02:08:46
2. Place: Alexander Schilling (IBH Tristore Triathlon Team) - 02:09:17
3. Place Franz Hopfmann (SG Falkenstein) - 02:20:28

Dresden Olympic Women:

1. Place: Renate Forstner (TSV Rosenheim) - 02:26:41
2. Place: Annett Finger (TSG Glauchau) - 02:26:44
3. Place: Patricia Rennau (SC Neubrandenburg) – 02:31:55

Dresden Sprint Men:

1. Place: Raijko Sickert (TV Dresden) - 01:27:14
2. Place: Michael Wegricht (Bike24 TriTeam) - 01:29:00
3. Place: Stefan Zahradnik (TriSK CB) - 01:29:46

Dresden Sprint Women:

1. Place: Simona Simünkona (TriSK CB) - 01:34:50
2. Place: Margit Weiss (TV Dresden) - 01:46:05
3. Place: Nadine Schymski (vereinslos) – 01:46:21

All results and documents can be found here